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Additional Pages:
Photo Gallery:
25 pictures cropped and resized for best fit and loading time.
25 additional pictures $25
Add a 5 page mobile site to your existing site.
Mobile website
Domain Names:
Minor updates normally done within 24-48 hours.
Pricing is based on the amount of work, but will be
reasonable. Normally $15 up.
Will you need any pictures taken? My wife is a
professional photographer.

5 pages which include:
Links to all pages
Up to 5 pictures per page
Contact page with form that sends email to you
More deatils Here
Most new phones will pull-up your site. However it is
normally alot larger than the screen.
I do not provide hosting or domain name purchasing.
You might find this strange, but here is my reason, if
I provide these for you then I would have control over
your site. If you purchase these items yourself you have
control. I will help you with the process and it will be
quick and easy.